Find a Top Asbestos Attorney and Mesothelioma Lawyer in Michigan:

Mesothelioma lawyer and attorneys in Michigan are striving hard to aid the victims of mesothelioma and asbestosis and help them file claims against those firms, factories and automobile manufacturing plants to give justice to the deceased people and to the respective employees. Michigan is that state of United States where the automobile manufacturing factories and plants, refineries and many other job areas are resulting in an increasing amount of mesothelioma cases among employees working in such fields. The other causes of asbestosis and mesothelioma in Michigan may include:

  • Vermiculite processing throughout Michigan.
  • Mining.
  • Production of different chemicals.
  • Manufacturing industries.
  • Oil refineries.
  • Generation of power.

List of Best Mesothelioma Lawyer in Michigan? – LIl Attorney Directory:

Below we have listed all the renowned and celebrated mesothelioma lawyer and attorneys of Michigan that are proficient in their field of work.

Filing an Asbestos Lawsuit in MI:

The army personnel and factory workers in Michigan can file a lawsuit within three years of diagnosis or three years after the death of employee. After that, claim filed will be considered as null and void. Over the years a huge number of mesothelioma and asbestos cases have surfaced throughout the Michigan.

  • In Detroit, the car manufacturing industries are responsible for the disease.
  • In Midland and Lansing, people were exposed to disease through oil refining sites and chemical production plants and sites.
  • Armed personnel in Michigan were also exposed to asbestosis through Selfridge Military Base and Detroit Arsenal Army Base.

What is the statute of limitations for asbestos in Michigan?

The major statute of limitation for filing an asbestos claim in Michigan is the time limitation. In Michigan this time limitation is up to 3 years. After 3 years neither wrongful death nor personal injury asbestosis or mesothelioma claim will be taken into consideration. Basically the time of filing the asbestos claim actually begins when the disease is diagnosed. Therefore after that you can immediately file the claim of asbestos. Every state places a different statute of limitation and different time limit for the lawsuit of asbestos and mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Law Attorneys | Serling & Abramson:

Michael B Serling:

Michael B Serling is quite an experienced asbestos and mesothelioma lawyer of Michigan.

  • He has been practicing law and is in office since 1970.
  • He is looking into asbestos and mesothelioma cases since 1975.
  • He is regarded as the first lawyer to file a mesothelioma wrongful death lawsuit for the family of a victim.
  • Serling and his firm is now handling these cases in the entire United States and internationally as well.
  • He graduated from Michigan State University and passed out from Detroit College of Law in 1970.
  • He is a member of American Association of Justice and State Bar of Michigan.
  • He has also been working as visiting faculty at Michigan State University.
  • He has written many articles and publications on asbestos lawsuits.
  • He has been awarded by Michigan State University Philanthropist Award by Michigan Bar Association for 50 years of service.
  • He has also been awarded as Distinguished Alumni of Michigan State University.
  • Now he is successfully running his law firm in Michigan and throughout the United States.

Eric B Abramson:

  • Eric is not only a share holder in the Serling and Abramson Law Firm but is also its president and a competent trial lawyer.
  • Eric has been working for this firm as an employee since 1989 and while working in the firm, Eric has developed a huge experience in asbestos and mesothelioma cases.
  • He graduated from Wayne State University in 1994.
  • He got his Law degree from Detroit College of Law and got registered in Michigan State Bar in the year 2000.
  • Eric has traveled a lot for the investigation and product identification research on asbestos.
  • He is also a member of Wayne County Asbestos Steering Committee.
  • He is also a sponsor of Detroit Bar Association Foundation and is a member of American and Michigan Association of Justices.
  • He is also a part of Trial Lawyers Care Network.
  • He also represented huge amount of people in 9/11 attacks.

Flint Mesothelioma Attorneys Michigan:

David W Aubrey:

  • Aubrey, who is the part of Gori Law Firm serves in Flint as a mesothelioma attorney.
  • After graduating from the institute of Moody Bible in 2006, David started working for Gori Law Firm and alongside continued his law education from Trinity International University.
  • In 2011 he received a Doctorate Degree in Law from University of Illinois.
  • He was registered in Bar in 2011 and since then he has been fighting mesothelioma cases in United States including Flint.
  • He practices personal injury cases and mesothelioma cases.
  • He is a member of Illinois State Bar Association.
  • He has many publications and awards to his record and haS been actively fighting mesothelioma trials for his clients in Flint.

John Simmons:

  • John Simmons is the founder of Simmons Hanly conroy.
  • He is a leading attorney practicing in Flint for mesothelioma cases.
  • Simmons is the most competent attorney who secured the mesothelioma settlements that were the biggest in the history of mesothelioma trials.
  • He secured for his client $34.1 million as a compensation for a shell company employee that was considered to be a historic victory.
  • Later on his firm secured $250 million for a client that was another biggest milestone.
    Simmons was an army officer but he left army to become a lawyer at Southern Illinois University with Political science major.
  • Later he got a Law degree from Methodist University school of Law to become the most competent lawyer of United States.
  • Simmons is a part of almost all the reputable law associations and has got innumerable awards and recognitions in mesothelioma trials and asbestos cases.

Detroit Asbestos Lawyer Throneberry Law Group:

  • Micheal Throneberry is the founder of Throneberry Law group.
  • It is one of the biggest law groups in America with the best and experienced mesothelioma attorneys.
  • The Throneberry law group gives the clients a commendable experience in the courtroom and never leaves them alone.
  • Michael Throneberry is the head of Throne Berry Law Group.
  • He saw the most devastating death of his father in law at the hand of mesothelioma, so he always knows the pain of the victims.
  • Throneberry is operating in three major states and locations in America.
  • It is always ready to help mesothelioma and asbestosis victims. Just dial their helpline and an attorney will be there to guide you through out.

Asbestos Lawyers and Law Firms in Michigan (MI):

Weitz and Luxenberg:

  • Weitz and Luxenberg is one of the top leading firms in the country.
  • It serves in the entire Michigan and has many valuable clients here.
  • It has a very good track record of about 33000 mesothelioma and asbestos cases and has won most of them.
  • Weitz and Luxenberg has by far recovered compensations of about 8.5 billion dollars.
  • It is rated among top law firms in US by news reporting agencies.
  • Weitz and Luxenberg till now has helped more than 56000 clients and has sued 100 companies by far.
  • It has a huge team of 85 lawyers that are equally present in all the states where ever you need them.
  • It is the most trusted firm of Michigan and all over America.

Meirowitz and Wasserberg:

  • Meirowitz and Wasserberg is listed among the top 10 mesothelioma law firms of America.
  • It is almost 100 years old law firm and it serves its clients nationwide.
  • It deals in all languages and people with all backgrounds.
  • It is based in New York.
  • It has by far recovered 200 US million dollars for its clients and mesothelioma victims.
  • It is also working in Michigan and has been able to recover thousand of dollars for Michigan residents.
  • Its most successful trial verdict was up to 30 million US dollars and the highest asbestos compensation recovered by Meirowitz and Wasserberg law firm was up to 10 million US dollars.

Nemeroff Law Firm :

  • Nameroff is also one of the nation’s leading and celebrated law firm.
  • Rick Nameroff founded this firm to help the victims of asbestos.
  • Nameroff has till now recovered compensations of around 500 million dollars.
  • This law firm represents the clients nationwide. Whenever you need them, an attorney from Nameroff is always there to guide you.
  • Their offices are located in Texas, Houston, Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania.
  • The firm has a huge team compromising of legal experts, medical experts and case managers.
  • This firm has been awarded with the Hall of Fame Law Firm.

Feiger Law Firm MI:

  • Feiger law firm is one of the top personal injury law firms in America.
  • Geoffrey Feiger is the founder of the firm who gained the reputation of the country’s most competent, determined and hardworking attorney.
  • It has a track record of 70 years of asbestos and mesothelioma lawsuits.
  • It has also been working on state levels in collaboration with the government to serve the people.
  • Its headquarters are in Southfield Michigan and has almost 51 to 200 employees.
  • It is easy to approach and it helps anyone suffering from mesothelioma or asbestosis.
  • Till now it has recovered millions of dollars in the form of compensation for American people in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.
Michigan mesothelioma Lawyers

Top Mesothelioma Lawyers in Saginaw MI.

Jason Barrix :

  • Jason has been practicing law in Michigan for years.
  • In 1993, Jason passed out from Thomas Cooley School and became a part of Michigan State Bar in 1993.
  • He graduated from Central University of Michigan.
  • He was among the nominees of Top 10 Trial Lawyers.
  • He has hosted a radio show as well called as “justice with Jason”.
  • His law firm is very responsive and stays in touch with the clients.
  • He offers free consultation.

Evan A Burkholder:

  • Mr Burkholder has a vast experience in the field of law.
  • He has expertise of around 30 years and has fought many cases for people of different professions and has filed cases against huge construction firms and gigantic corporations.
  • He has been in the USA Marine Corp. as a Trial counsel and an Army Judge.
  • He got his law degree from George University Law School.
  • He is registered in Michigan State Bars and is actively operating his firms in Virginia and Michigan.

Grand Rapids Asbestos and Mesothelioma Lawyers:

Matthew G Swartz:

  • Matthew is a well-known mesothelioma lawyer of Michigan.
  • He did his graduation from Michigan State University of law.
  • He has been working with law firms and has a vast experience with different groups.
  • He has done a good representation of physically disabled people that were around 500 in number.
  • Mathew is very easily accessible and is just a phone call away.
  • He has also been rewarded as Super Lawyers Rising Star of the years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • He is also a member of Michigan Association of Justice and American Association of Justice.

David Clark:

  • David founded his own law firm called as Clark Law Firm.
  • He had been serving as a City Prosecutor in Lexington, South Carolina but soon he became dissatisfied by insurance companies and their workings. So he decides to move back to his state of origin i-e Michigan.
  • Clark has been fighting as a mesothelioma lawyer in Michigan’s 20 countries and his track record is excellent.
  • He offers free consultation and takes the case on contingency basis.
  • He is a competent attorney of the Grand Rapids and is recognised as a go to lawyer in Michigan.

Goldberg Persky & White P.C: Local Michigan Mesothelioma Lawyer:

Goldberg Persky and White P.C law firm has a good reputation and has been working for mesothelioma and asbestos victims since 30 years.

It is a complete team of 15 mesothelioma and asbestos lawyers and its office is located at Pittsburgh. Two of its lawyers have been considered and awarded as Super lawyers for their commendable services.

(a)Jason E Lukasevic:

  • After graduating from Duquesne University school of law, Jason became the member Pennsylvania State Bar in 2000.
  • He has been doing quite a good job in personal injury cases.
  • Jason has shown an extraordinary commitment and dedication to his profession. He has shown a great determination and interest in the legal practices and has handled mesothelioma clients with great care and love.
  • Due to his commendable services as a mesothelioma lawyer of Michigan, he was rewarded by the title of Super lawyer.

(b)Leif J Ocheltree:

  • Leif graduated from University of Pittsburgh School of Law.
  • Leif has a great experience in personal injury lawsuits.
  • Leif was awarded as a Rising Star Super Lawyer in 2010 and 2018 because of his commendable progress as an attorney of personal injury.
  • If you are a victim of mesothelioma and personal injury, then in the entire Goldberg Persky and White law firm, Leif is a name to look up to.
  • Throughout the years Leif has worked really hard in order to gain such reputation as a competent attorney and excellent trial lawyer.
  • Leif is also a member of American Bar Association and Michigan Bar Association.
  • Leif has made many clients and has hundreds of positive client reviews.
  • He is definitely one of the best choices to choose from Goldberg Persky and White firm.

Great Lakes Mesothelioma Lawyers:

Christopher M Kennedy:

  • Christopher M Keneddy is a highly qualified and competent mesothelioma lawyer of Michigan who has great expertise in personal injury and lawful death suits along with wrongful death.
  • He has practiced as a lawyer in Lake County and Chicago.
  • He has also won innumerable cases.
  • He passed out from John Marshall law School in 1994 and did his bachelors in History from State University of New York.
  • He is a part of Lake County Bar Association.
  • His offices are located in Lake Forest.
  • He is just a phone call away and is definitely a best option among Great Lake lawyers to hire as your mesothelioma or asbestos attorney.

Mr Gary A Newland:

  • Gary Newland is a great trial attorney.
  • He has a great trial experience of courtroom.
  • Many of news channels and television channels have covered his cases.
  • He is a member of Associations of American Trial Lawyers, Northwest Suburban Bar, Chicago Bar and Illinois Trial Lawyers.
  • He is also a co-chairman of Suburban Bar Association.
  • He has successfully fought cases against big corporations and companies.
  • He has successfully recovered huge amount of compensations for his clients.
  • He has also been working in the top noted firms of the country and has gained a huge experience in this field.
  • He works on contingency fee basis starting from 20% and also offers free consultation.
  • He did his law from Loyola University Chicago and has been awarded as Super Lawyer.
  • He is one of the best Great Lake lawyers to go to.

Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C.

  • Cochran, Kroll & Associates are the group of mesothelioma lawyers along with wrongful death and personal injury attorneys in Michigan.
  • They deal with the victims of injury, physical loss and disabilities.
  • The Cochran and Kroll make sure that the victims get financial gains and compensations as they are very important for their future security, educational continuance of the kids of the deceased or victim along with wage loss payments.
  • They have by far recovered 15.8 million US dollars in terms of compensations.
  • The cases are fought on contingency basis.
  • Jerry Cochran and Eileen E Kroll are the Presidents of the firm. Their hard work and dedication have helped them gain hundreds of clients throughout Michigan.


Michigan mesothelioma lawyer and attorneys are trying their best to help the victims of asbestos get their due compensations. Michigan is a state of United States where cases of mesothelioma and lung cancer are found in abundance due to automobile manufacturing industries, chemical factories refineries and other industries that are still using asbestos thus leaving population of Michigan at a high risk of mesothelioma and asbestos. All the top law firms and the attorneys have been mentioned in the above article in order to guide the reader whom to approach in Michigan when in difficulty. The above mentioned attorneys and law firms in Michigan are offering the best services and trying hard to help people and their families suffering from mesothelioma to get proper medical help along with secured future, financial help, wage loss compensations, educational expenses and much more.

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