Best Houston Lawyers for Asbestos Poisoning Claims and Mesothelioma Lawsuits:

In Houston, a mesothelioma lawyer helps the mesothelioma victims including the working class and the labourers who have been exposed to asbestos.

The landscape of Houston is very huge but the steel, petroleum, chemical and construction industries are quiet in a boom. Although the economic growth in Houston has contributed as a source of prosperity in the entire United States but it has also caused a toll on human health and life. 264 lives in Houston have claimed Asbestosis from the years 1979 to 2002. As there are many asbestos exposure sites and companies that are contributing as a source of asbestos in Houston.

Companies in Alaska contributing to asbestos exposure:

  • Alaska construction company Houston.
  • Davidson wall coverings that makes wall covering, sand insulation and uses asbestos in their wall linings.
  • Big three industries.
  • Brown and root fabrication shop.
  • Armco steel mill.
  • Allied signal.
  • Amoco oil company.
  • Belmas company.
  • Center point energy resources.
  • Cooper industries.
  • Corbett fabricating company.
  • East Texas motor freight.
  • Exxon mobil corporation.
  • Green bayou power plant.
  • Gulf refining company.
  • Houston chemicals.
  • Houston pipe and steel company.
  • Hunter
  • Industrial insulator inc.
  • Jf pritchard.
  • Kellogg company.
  • Kraft food company.

All these companies and many more are contributing to huge asbestos exposure in the Houston. These are still using asbestos without adopting safety guidelines and measures.

Find Top Houston, TX Asbestos & Mesothelioma Lawyers Near You:

Houston Mesothelioma Lawyer – Robins Cloud LLP:

Robin Cloud LLP:

  • The Robin Cloud LLP has a combined experience of 30 years.
  • This is one of the most reputable law firm in Houston.
  • The lawyers of the firm fight tirelessly for the victims of personal injury, corporate negligence or anyone in Houston suffering from injury or negligence of others.
  • The firm has fought innumerable cases for a huge number of people from all over United States.
  • Their legal help makes the problems of people easier. The firm is ready to help the people and is just a phone call away.
  • The firm offers free consultation and takes cases on contingency basis. Till now the lawyers of the firm have fought a number of cases and have helped thousands of mesothelioma victims in Houston.
  • They provide financial assistance, medical help and emotional support to the people.
  • The attorneys can be met anywhere in the country and can come to visit your home as well.
  • This firm has fought high profile cases of the United States and has fought against many big corporations, companies and insurance corporations.
  • The firm has fought many wildfires litigations and has also fought against unethical entertainment practices and personal injury.
  • The trial Lawyers at Robin Cloud have many years of mesothelioma litigation experience and have recovered multi million dollars for mesothelioma victims across Houston and USA.

Lan P Cloud:

  • He is the founding member of Robin Cloud LLP.
  • Lan did his law from Houston University Centre of law.
  • Since the foundation of his form in 1992, the firm is responsible for asbestos docket.
  • Lan has taken almost 100 plaintiff claims and since 1992, he has fought for 20,000 asbestos and mesothelioma victims.
  • Lan is a native of Houston and he did his Graduation from Texas State University in 1988.
  • He is admitted to practice law in Texas State Courts and United State District Courts.
  • He is a member of American Association of Justice, Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Houston Trial Lawyers Association and Association of Trial Lawyers of America.
  • He is serving as an Advising Judge with Mark Davidson in Joint Liaison Committee.
  • He is a statewide asbestos MDL Judge for Texas.

Bill Robins:

  • Bill Robins is a founding partner of Robin Cloud LLP and a mesothelioma lawyer of Houston.
  • He did his law from University of Houston Law Centre where he stood first in his class.
  • Since the formation of the firm, he has fought cases for thousands of individuals including mass tort cases, personal injury cases, wrongful death cases, fire explosion and property damage cases.
  • Bill has also worked as a lead Trial Counsel and co lead Trial Counsel in jury trials and has secured $3,50,000,000 in verdicts.
  • He is currently working as a co lead Counsel in California North Bay Fire cases which involves thousands of people who suffered due to fire.
  • He also works as a Plaintiff in Executive Committee Thomas Fire Cases.
  • He is serving as co lead Counsel in Fluoroquinolone MDL in US district court of Minnesota.
  • He is also a co chair in Testosterone Replacement Therapy MDL case and is a member of plaintiffs steering committees in Pelvis Mesh MDLs.
  • He has fought many mass tort litigations and class action litigations in which he collectively recovered a total of 2.5 billion US dollars.
  • He served as a member of plaintiffs steering committee in Avandia multi district litigation.
  • He served as a co lead Counsel Chairman of bodily injury and co-chair of Bellwether Trial Selection Subcommittee.
  • He fought many corporate cases in district and federal courts.
  • He has fought for 25000 personal injury cases and has also been a speaker at many legal seminars and conferences.
  • He is admitted to the California Bar and Texas Bar.

Madeksho Law Firm:

  • It is an old law firm and was founded in 1972.
  • Since 1972, the firm has fought tirelessly for asbestos and mesothelioma victims. It has fought against many corporate companies who were responsible for the injury of people.
  • The law firm was founded by Larry Madeksho who was a worker at insulation trade companies and also worked at oil refineries at Gulf Coast region. Then he became an asbestos lawyer himself seeing his friends suffering from asbestos and fought for his friends and many other clients who suffered from asbestos.
  • He has been fighting from almost 44 years for asbestos victims. Because of his dedication and passion, he was called “mad dog”.
  • Angela and Chris Madeksho are taking their fathers legacy forward and are handling the Madeksho firm with great success.
  • Till now the Madeksho law firm has recovered multi million dollars in asbestos compensation.
  • They have a proven track record of success for more than two decades and they provide all the legal assistance.

Angela Madeksho:

  • Angela is the proud daughter of Larry Madeksho and is taking her father’s legacy forward.
  • She works at Madeksho law offices in Houston and is working in Madeksho law firm since last 20 years.
  • She herself is a cancer survivor and therefore she completely empathises the cancer patients.
  • She worked as a paralegal with her father dealing with clients and taking care of the research of asbestos cases.
  • She helped research insurance to make a research in deception of the companies that poison the asbestos victims.
  • She and her firm with the help of such a thorough research and investigative litigation has been able to recover billions of dollars in recoveries and settlements.
  • She graduated from University of Texas at Austin and did her law from Texas Southern University School of Law.
  • She is an animal lover and has founded an animal rescue group called Adore Houston where she takes care of the stray dogs and other animals.

Christopher Madeksho:

  • Chris is the son of Larry Madeksho and he manages the Los Angeles offices of the firm.
  • Like his father, Christopher is an extremely dedicated mesothelioma lawyer of Houston and helps the victims of corporate negligence and asbestos exposure.
  • He did his Graduation from the University of Texas.
  • He started philanthropic works and did his Law from American University Law School.
  • He did a lot of human rights work in Costa Rica, Casa Alianza and CEJIL.
  • He is multilingual lawyer and also can speak French and Spanish.
  • He is the co chair of Benzene Litigation Group in American Association of Justice.
  • He is admitted to practice in Houston, Texas, Missouri, Washington, California and Oregon.
  • He has received Super Lawyer Award from 2022 to 2023.
  • He got Peer Recognition Award.
  • He was also given The Thomson Reuters Award for his exceptional services.
  • He participated as an Advisor and Trial Counsel in Los Angeles.

Houston Mesothelioma Lawyer | Asbestos Exposure The Byrd Law Firm:

The Head offices of Byrd Law Firm are located in Houston, Texas and Beaumont while the firm is serving clients throughout the United States. It is comparatively a small firm because it has 25 employees only but it has handled some of the largest asbestos and personal injury cases of the country.

Attorney Jason Byrd:

  • Jason Byrd is an insurance attorney a mesothelioma lawyer of Houston and he was the opener of TBLF in 2005.
  • After working with huge corporations, insurance companies, petrochemical companies, manufacturers and suppliers, Jason started helping people for their legal needs and started litigating for people who were the victims of corporate negligence.
  • He fights against insurance companies and represents the policy holders and handles thousands of other cases.
  • He also has a lot of experience in personal litigation, civil, commercial, personal injury etc.
  • He did his bachelor’s in Political Science from Texas University and did his Law from Texas Tech University School of Law.
  • He is a member of American Association of Justice, American Bar Association, State Bar of Texas, Jefferson County Young Lawyers Association, Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Houston Trial Lawyers Association and part time contributor at Texan Post.
  • Byrd is an active philanthropist. He and his family is active member of Trinity Church.
  • He helps the needy people and also supports charitable organisations.
  • He is the receiver of Michael T. Gallagher Excellence in Legislative Advocacy Award (83rd legislative session).
  • He is a part of Million Dollar Advocate Forum.
  • He offers free consultation and also takes cases on contingency basis.
  • He is AV rated by Martindale Hubbell.
  • He had been a partner in Snider and Byrd LLP till 2010.
  • He has also been working in Mehaffy Weber PC from 2002 to 2005.
  • He knows Spanish language and has many Spanish clients.

Williams Kherkher Houston Texas Mesothelioma Lawyers:

  • This firm was founded in 1983 and has 111 million employees and has a total revenue of around 18 million US dollars.
  • William Kher kher is an experienced law firm in the Houston that has also been very active in philanthropic activities.
  • It consists of many lawyers that are professional in legal knowledge and mesothelioma litigation.
  • This firm’s pioneer was John Eddie Williams Jr. He is still the managing partner the company.
  • Mr. Williams has put a lot of dedication and hard work in the company and he helps with the medical research of different diseases like cancer, diabetes and other dangerous diseases.
  • This law firm also sponsors the students that are at the risk with different health issues. They give huge amounts of donations to a good fellow fund that is operated by Houston chronicle. His wife also actively participates in the philanthropic works.
  • The firm also supports the Houston’s Police Department along with the Police Officers Union.
  • Thus William Kherkher law firm is highly appreciated for all of its activities that it does for the welfare of the community in Houston.
  • The firm offers free consultation and also takes cases on contingency basis.

John M Acevedo Ramirez:

  • Mr. John is a mesothelioma lawyer at William Kherkher law firm based in Houston.
  • He was firstly self-employed as an attorney at a notary.
  • He also served as an attorney at a Law firm named Garcia Rullan and Franceschi in 2017.
  • He served as an attorney at Jimenez Seda and Alsina law firm in 2018.
  • He did his BBA from University of Puerto Rico and did his Law degree from Inter American University School of Law.
  • He is one of the biggest legal advisor in William Kherkher team.
  • He has written many scholarly articles on litigation and is serving Puerto Rico.
  • He has also been participating in philanthropic activities in Puerto Rico.
houston mesothelioma lawyer

Doug Grubbs Houston Mesothelioma Attorney:

Grubbs Law Firm:

  • Grubbs law firm is among one of the most reputable law firms of Houston, Texas. It is founded by Douglas.
  • The firm received the award for accredited business in 2022.
  • The firm is always available to help you and it satisfies the clients to another level. You can call the firm at the firm’s helpline number (888) 6464853.
  • The firm offers free consultation and fights cases on contingency basis.

Camp Lejeune Case and Grubbs Law Firm:

  • The firm recovered a huge compensation for Camp Lejeune toxic exposure illness.
  • At camp lejeune, a huge number of people around 900,000 were at exposure to dirty contaminated water filled with chemicals and other impurities. This dirty water caused a dangerous illness among the veterans and residents of not only Camp Lejeune but also the residing people of the surrounding areas causing the medical emergency and health emergency in that state.
  • Grubbs law firm is helping these huge number of veterans to get their due recoveries and compensations for the family members of the affected.

Douglas Grubbs Houston mesothelioma attorney:

  • He is the founding partner of Grubbs Law Firm.
  • Douglas has been in business since 2004 and he has been helping accident and personal injury victims since then.
  • He got his bachelor’s degree from Croma Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas and did his Graduation from Ohio State University. He did his Law from South Texas College of Law.
  • He was a part of Phen Fem Docket case in which 7000 people were injured.
  • From 2005 to 2008, he did his Law from South Texas College of Law. While in law college, he was in Dean‘s Honor List.
  • During law school, he worked with huge law firms and cooperations.
  • In 2008, he worked as an Associate at East Law Firm where he mainly focussed on the medical malpractice and pharmaceutical accidents.
  • Grubbs came back to Houston in 2012 where he continued his work as a medical malpractice and personal injury lawyer representing victims from all over the Houston.
  • He also has a very successful litigation experience in product liability along with depositions, motion practice, witness and trial preparations etc.
  • In the honour of his exceptional legal services, he has been awarded the title of Texas Super Lawyer for 7 years.
  • He has been rewarded as a Rising Star by Thomson Reuters.
  • In 2013, Douglas became a part of Select Law Group.
  • He also received prominent peer review rating and AV certification by Martindale Hubbell.
  • In 2016, he became a member of National Trial Lawyers.
  • He became a member of Top 40 under 40, Texas State Bar, United District Court for Texas 2009, American Association of Justice, Texas Trial Lawyers Association and Jesuit legal society.
  • He has been a Director of Houston Trial Lawyers Association.


A mesothelioma lawyer in Houston helps you file a lawsuit against a particular firm or corporation who in way or the other has exposed you to asbestos. Houston being an industrial hub has many construction and petroleum companies. Houston has been economically contributing a huge amount to America’s economy and many high grade oil, construction, petroleum and chemical corporations are located here but all the companies are not using satisfactory safety standards to ensure the safety of their workers from asbestos exposure and therefore are still using asbestos. Above is the list of all the famous and most renowned asbestos and mesothelioma litigation attorneys of Houston. So if any of your loved one is exposed to mesothelioma and asbestos and needs help, then you can contact these top law firms and their attorneys in Houston. They offer free consultation and are ready to help you 24/7.

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