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In Illinois a mesothelioma lawyer is there to help you immediately for your suffering and will help you get what you deserve. Illinois is considered on the spot of number 6 for the mesothelioma and asbestos exposure deaths. With 13.39 deaths per million due to the economic and industrial activism. The major reason of these deaths are:

  • Due to coal mining.
  • Agriculture.
  • Presence of manufacturing industries.

The residents of Illinois are prone to mesothelioma and asbestos exposure. Almost 60% of the industries of Illinois have been named in the asbestos injury lawsuits from time to time. So even today asbestos related injuries are quite prevalent in Illinois.

Award Winning Illinois Mesothelioma Lawyers | Legal Info & Help in IL:

If you are suffering from asbestosis or mesothelioma in Illinois, then immediately contact these attorneys who will be there to help you out:

Cooney & Conway | Illinois Mesothelioma Attorneys:

  • The most specialized law firm regarding mesothelioma and asbestos in Illinois is Cooney and Conway.
  • The Cooney and Conway are working hard since 1970 and relieving people suffering from mesothelioma and asbestosis and helping them make their lives better by getting them enough financial help.
  • They provide free case evaluation and consultation.
  • Cooney and Conway help a long way in getting you a highest possible compensation you deserve.
  • Cooney and Conway has received innumerable awards for outstanding performance as a firm and it has been recognized nationwide for its exceptional services and its high end attorneys with best legal knowledge and expertise.
  • The firm has extracted a verdict of 200 US million dollars on the asbestos case for a refinery labourer.
  • Till now the firm has recovered compensations of more than 1 billion US dollars which itself speaks what Cooney and Conway firm is up to.

Kevin J. Conway:

  • Kevin is one of the best Trial lawyers of America.
  • He is an expert, most appreciated, respected and most reliable mesothelioma lawyer in Illinois, United States.
  • He did his bachelors and law from Loyola University of Chicago School of Law.
  • He was a finalist in the list of Trial Lawyers for the year award in Washington.
  • He is named among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers of America.
  • He is a member of International Society of Barristers.
  • He is a part of American College of Trial Lawyers.
  • He has also served as a President of Illinois Trial Lawyer Association.
  • He was awarded many times for being among the Top 10 personal injury lawyers in Illinois in the leading lawyers network.
  • He and his team are so efficient that they settled 177 personal injury cases in one go that all together made a compensation of about 200 million US dollars.
  • He has been a guest speaker on radio and many television broadcasts along with seminars.
  • He has also served as a visiting lecturer attorney for mesothelioma and personal injury.

Illinois Mesothelioma Lawyer | Flint Law Firm:

  • Flint law firm is listed among the top law firms of Illinois and was founded in 1979.
  • Its main office is located in New York.
  • It has gained a huge mark in personal injury and environmental law.
  • It has a team of one of the best environmental exposure lawyers of Illinois who fight for those who are affected by environmental exposure like ozone exposure, storm, lightning injury or anything related with environment that has caused damage to humans and their properties.
  • Flint Law Firm has obtained AV rating by Martindale Hubbell.
  • The firm is very responsive and committed.

Paul G Flint:

  • He is the founder of Flint Law Firm.
  • He did his undergraduate studies from the University of New York.
  • He did his bachelor’s in Wildlife Biology from Cornell University New York.
  • He did his Law Juris Doctor degree from Albany Law School.
  • He formed his own law firm and started working in property, commercial, personal injury and environmental legalities.
  • He is a member of New York State Bar Association, Colombia County Bar Association, New York Real Property Law Section Member, New York Trusts and Estates Section Member.
  • He is also a member of New York Elder Law Section.
  • Mr Flint is just a phone call away and he offers free consultation.

Top Edwardsville, IL Mesothelioma Lawyers Near You:

Andrew O Brien:

  • Andrew graduated and got his law degree from the University of Dublin School of Law.
  • After Dublin University School of Law, he further continued his legal education from Saint Louis University School of Law.
  • He was thus licensed in Missouri in 1994.
  • He made his own law firm named as Brien Law Firm.
  • He is a very dedicated and determined attorney who has been practicing in the areas of personal Injury, mesothelioma litigation along with medical malpractice and commercial litigation.
  • Since 25 years, his major focus has been on asbestos and mesothelioma cases and he has done a great job in this field.
  • Brien has by far represented thousands of mesothelioma victims and has recovered millions of dollars in compensation.
  • He has fought for his clients against big corporations and insurance companies and has held many companies accountable.
  • He is a part of American Association of Justice.
  • He was also a part of board of governors of Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys.
  • In recognition of his exceptional services, the Missouri Bar Foundation awarded him the Prestigious Lon O. Hocker Award.
  • He was also a part of Saint Louis Irish studies Advisory Committee in the University of Missouri.
  • He was selected as a Super Lawyer for 13 years from 2010 to 2022.

Ryan J. Mahoney:

  • Ryan is rated as the best mesothelioma personal injury lawyer in Edwardsville, Illinois.
  • He has formed his own Mahoney Law Firm LLP.
  • He is serving in Illinois and Missouri areas and has been the best lawyer to go to.
  • Mr Mahoney has gained 15 years of legal experience and he is among the youngster lawyers.
  • In the course of 15 years, he has settled many asbestos and mesothelioma cases and has recovered millions of dollars for the victims.
  • He is a committed lawyer who makes sure to get his clients justice against huge firms and corporations that have harmed his life and his health.
  • Mahoney is licensed to bars of Illinois, Missouri and Minnesota.
  • He is also qualified to practice in Northern, Southern and Eastern districts of Missouri.
  • Mr. Mahoney is a part of of St. Clairs County Bar Association.
  • He is a member of Madison County Bar Association, Illinois State Bar Association, Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis, The Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys and American Association of Justice.
  • He did his bachelor’s in Business in Thomas University and did his law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law.
  • He has been listed in Super Lawyers list for 3 years.
  • He remained Lawyer’s Rising Stars for 2 years.

Bloomington Asbestos & Mesothelioma Lawyers:

Nicholas Philips Kohan:

  • Nicholas Philips Kohan is the personal injury mesothelioma lawyer working in Bloomington, Illinois.
  • He has a plenty of experience in personal injury and mesothelioma litigation.
  • He did his undergraduate degree from Cornell University in 2003.
  • He received his law degree from Whittier Law School in 2007.
  • He worked tirelessly for the next ten years and worked with different corporations, insurance corporations and large firms and this way he gained immense experience.
  • He has an excellent courtroom litigation skills and tactics which gave him an edge on others.
  • Later wards he started working with full devotion to secure the rights of injury victims.
  • He worked at Kohan and Bablove Law Firm and recovered millions of dollars in the form of compensations.
  • He is a part of Orange County Trial Lawyers Association board of directors and Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles.
  • He won Super Lawyer status in 2021, Rising Star Status in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.
  • He was listed among the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers.
  • He got Martindale Hubbell AV rating and was rated 10/10 in AVVO website rating.
  • He offers free consultation and video conferencing can be done anytime with the lawyer.

Oliver O. Naimi:

  • Oliver is very passionate to represent personal injury victims. He is a dedicated and hardworking mesothelioma lawyer of Illinois with utmost desire to help the asbestos and personal injury workers.
  • He got an accident when he was just eighteen years of age and was manipulated by an insurance company at that time. That company started playing fraudulent tactics to pay him his insurance and compensation. Because of this incident, Oliver changed his switched his medical degree and started pursuing law and decided to be an attorney.
  • That incident made him a dedicated attorney of the injured ones and by far he has secured millions of dollars for his clients of personal injury.
  • He is the Managing Director and founder of Citywide Law Group.
  • He has been listed by Los Angeles Magazine to be among the Top 25 lawyers.
  • He has been awarded as a Super Lawyer by Rising Star.
  • He served as a Clerk at Ryan and Associates.
  • He also served as a externe at Centre for Conflict Resolution at Loyola Law School.
  • He served as a Clerk at Los Angeles District Attorneys Office.
  • He also served as sake and leasing consultant at Santa Monica Auto Group.

Mesothelioma Lawyers & Asbestos Attorneys Rockford, IL:

Tor Hoerman:

  • Tor graduated in Law from Chicago Kent School of law in 1995.
  • Then he started working at Bullaro Carton and Stone.
  • After some time he started working at Kralovec, Jambois and Schwartz and represented injured people in full swing there and proved himself as a competent youngster attorney.
  • While working at KJS Law Firm, he worked at Daley Center Courtroom and learned a lot about courtroom litigations, how they are processed, what happens there and how attorneys argue etc.
  • He also started working at Simmons firm in Illinois and got a chance to fight the case against tobacco and opioid litigation against tobacco and cigarette company called “oxycontin” and proved himself there as the most competent attorney thus causing the tobacco company to face a huge backlash.
  • He became a partner at Simmons law firm and he took up a case against a huge pharmaceutical corporation called Purdue Pharma and recovered a huge settlement amount.
  • In 2009 finally Tor managed to make his own law firm that was his dream so he founded Torhoerman Law Firm LLC.
  • Tor has been working through his own firm for years and he has been doing an amazing job and has recovered millions of dollars in personal injury cases.
  • His firm offers free consultation and they are offering free legal services throughout Chicago and Illinois.
  • Super Lawyers granted him to be among the Top 100 lawyers.
  • He was awarded 10/10 rating on AVVO website.
  • He was also awarded Martindale Hubbell Peer rating award.
  • He was for selected as a Super Lawyer for consecutive 10 years.
  • He is among the top Leading lawyers of Illinois.

Mr. Gary A New Land:

  • Gary A New Land is a very successful trial attorney and has won hundreds of trial cases.
  • Many of the Gary’s trials and cases have been reported either on TV or published in magazines because they were extremely high profile and of national level. His cases were featured in Forbes, Chicago Tribune, Suntimes, NBC, The Daily Herald etc.
  • He has been a guest speaker at many legal seminars and bar associations.
  • He is a member of America’s Trial Lawyers Association, Illinois Bar Association and Northwest Suburban Bar Association.
  • He is the youngest person elected to high school district 214 school board.
  • He is the Co chair person of Northwest Suburban Bar and Civil Law Committee.
  • He is the Vice President of Suburban Bar and Northwest Suburban Bar Association.
illinois mesothelioma lawyer

Naperville Asbestos Lawsuit Attorneys:

Matthew Willens:

  • Matthew is the pioneer of Willens and Baez Personal Injury Law Firm.
  • He is an aggressive trial lawyer who has made mark in the legal world with his skills and legal analysis.
  • He is among top trial attorneys of Chicago who have recovered multi million dollars in the form of compensations from the jury verdicts.
  • He has an expertise and legal exposure of almost 27 years and has a deep knowledge of the legal technicalities and knowledge. He knows all the tactics and courtroom propaganda strategies to counter the opponent in the best possible way.
  • Previously he was a working partner at Clifford Law Firm where he fought many cases for asbestos and personal injury plaintiffs.
  • He has also been working for insurance companies and gained a huge exposure in that field.
  • He has a great knowledge of the defense industry and has been fighting many cases for army veterans.
  • He is mostly invited as a guest speaker at legal seminars and has written many articles on personal injury issues that have been published in journals and magazines.
  • He offers free consultation and works on a contingency basis.

Mr Francis J. Discipio:

  • Francis J. Discipio has been practicing law since 20 years.
  • He has been fighting for personal injury victims and has been passionate, determined and very competitive in litigations.
  • He has also been fighting for the rights of workers.
  • Previously he has been working for huge insurance corporations like Travelers Insurance Company, Cambridge Insurance Firm, Illinois Insurance Firm and Alexis Insurance Company.
  • So he had a legal knowledge of all the insurance companies and got to know the internal system and working processes of insurance companies, therefore when he switched his area of practice to personal injury then he had to fight many cases against these insurance firms in which he had been working and successfully secured huge compensations from them for his clients.
  • He did his BS from Illinois State University and did his JD at law from University of Bridgeport.
  • He has been awarded at AV rating by Martindale Hubbell .
  • He has been rated 10:10 by AVVO ratings website and has also been awarded by Super Lawyers as the Top Rated Workers Compensation Attorney in Oak Brook, IL.
  • He offers free consultation and also takes the cases on contingency basis.
  • He also practices and takes cases in other litigation jurisdictions like car accidents, construction law, litigation and apparel.
  • He is a member of Illinois State Bar Association and DuPage County Bar Association.
  • He had been a director at TAPAC and also has served as Board of Directors at Daman Express.

Clifford Horwitz:

  • Mr. Horwitz is the Managing Director of Horwitz and Horwitz Associates Law Firm and has been in business from 25 plus years.
  • He did his law from Loyola University Chicago School of Law and did his bachelor’s from University of Florida.
  • He is admitted to practice in Illinois as a mesothelioma lawyer since 1984 and US Court of Appeal for Seventh Circuit.
  • Mr. Horwitz along with other judges like Jay Luchsinger and Michael Carter won the biggest injury verdict in the whole history of Illinois till now and that was considered second largest verdict in the history of US.
  • He was awarded as an Advisory Board Member by Leading Lawyers in 2017.
  • He was recognized as a Super Lawyer and was listed among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by National Trial Lawyers.
  • He is a member of American Association of Justice, Association of Trial Lawyers, Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, Illinois State Bar Association and Chicago State Bar Association.


Illinois mesothelioma lawyer is quite familiar about the sufferings of mesothelioma and asbestosis victims. Therefore there are many competent attorneys of personal injury in Illinois. Most of the Illinois trial lawyers are extremely diligent with high educational background and most reputable affiliations of the bars throughout America. The above mentioned attorneys and law firms of Illinois have been practicing for years on national, governmental and personal levels and have gained a huge experience of working with large firms, corporations and giant companies. These firms and lawyers have by far recovered billions of dollars for the mesothelioma and injury victims to full extent.

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