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A mesothelioma lawyer in Fort Myers knows all the minute details to help you get your due compensations from firms. Many competent lawyers at Fort Myers are available to get you through the mesothelioma litigation smoothly and you can get your share of compensation if you caught any injury, mesothelioma or asbestosis from Fort Myers beach in any way.

Throughout United States Florida state has the 2nd highest number of asbestos and mesothelioma cases reported. In Florida annually 360 people face death due to mesothelioma lung cancer or asbestosis. Fort Myers beach area is specially affected by asbestos exposure due to the arrival of shipments at Fort Myers dockyard. Asbestos has always been considered an element that does wonders in industry for being cheap, durable and fire resistant but soon it was found that this is a deadly disease causing agent. In Florida the asbestos does not naturally exist but many shipments of it are brought all along in the state including Fort Myers where it is used in different industries. United States and Florida department of environmental protection worked hard to protect the residents by passing different strict regulations.

Best Fort Myers, FL Asbestos Attorneys and lawyers:

Below is the list of all the best mesothelioma lawyers of Fort Myers with their years of experience and affiliations:

Fort Myers Beach, FL Mesothelioma Lawyer:

Frank Anthony Santini:

  • Frank Anthony Santini is a mesothelioma lawyer of Fort Myers with five star ratings in all legal knowledge, litigation, legal analysis, communication skills, ethics and professionalism.
  • He is the founding president of Frank Santini Law Firm.
  • He did his bar at law from Stetson University Law School.
  • He has also been working with a law firm in Florida that worked to represent corporations, banks and insurance companies. Frank got a lot of experience from that law firm.
  • Now Frank is specifically a personal injury lawyer.
  • He has been a wrestler previously and is considered attorney of national wrestling alliance who won a wrestling championship on national level.
  • He was an exceptional football player at national level at college times.
  • He has won Super Lawyers Rising Star and Pre-eminent Avg rating for Martindale Hubbell because of his outstanding performance in legal matters.
  • He is also a co-chairperson of Practice Group.
  • He worked at Judge Susan Bucklew office at US Federal Court in 2007. He also has written many publications.
  • He is a member of American Bar Association, American Association of Justice, Downtown St. Petersburg Toastmasters, St. Petersburg Bar Association and Trial Lawyers Section of Florida Bar.
  • He offers free consultation and fights cases on a contingency basis.
  • He interacts with his clients on zoom meetings or facetime.

Pamela Marie Morie Holcombe:

  • Pamela is an expert business, commercial and construction attorney and a very successful women mesothelioma lawyer of the Fort Myers.
  • Pamela is a very skilled and dedicated attorney for those clients who want a good representation in the court.
  • She is very informal with her clients and makes her clients feel very comfortable. She also fights the cases on contingency basis and the clients do not need to worry about the cost.
  • She not only counsels people in small countries like St. Johns County but also on international levels for huge businesses and international cooperations.
  • Pamela is working not only in construction and business but she is a multi talented attorney who is providing legal guidance in almost every field whether it’s personal injury, health, real estate or aircraft.
  • She is a volunteer in St. Johns County and is one of the highest paid and most competent mesothelioma lawyer in Fort Myers, United States.
  • Pamela has worked in US army and has also worked in journalism field as a photojournalist and sports editor.
  • Pamela being extremely experienced uses her multi professional skills and expertise to devise a broad approach that has a huge spectrum along with a very different perspective from others.
  • She did her bachelor’s from the University of Southern Maine and did her law from University of Miami School of Law.
  • Her jurisdictions were admitted to practice in Florida, New South Wales Australia, Northern Districts and Southern Districts in Florida and US Supreme Court.
  • St Johns County legal aid awarded her with Proboni Service Award for emotional legal services in 2019, 2020 and 2021.
  • She was a guest lecturer at Marine Insurance Miami Florida at Thomas Law School Miami.
  • She is a part of St. Augustine Inn of court, The Florida Bar, St. Johns County Association and Flora Association of Women Lawyers.

Morgan & Morgan:

  • It is a law firm of America that was established in 1988 by John Morgan and has its offices located in Orlando, Florida and Washington DC.
  • It has a total of 3000 employees and has around 800 attorneys.
  • It is considered to be America’s largest personal injury law firm and has an estimated total worth of 500 million US dollars to 730 million US dollars.
  • Over the years its major focus has been on personal injury, medical mishandling and class action litigations.
  • It has 5 star reviews.
  • It offers free consultation and fights the cases on contingency basis.
  • The Morgan and Morgan till now had recovered almost 15 billion US dollars in different capacities and litigations.

John Bryan Morgan:

  • John Bryan Morgan’s name is listed among the top notch lawyers of America and is the Founder of Morgan and Morgan Law Firm.
  • He was born on march 31,1956 in Lexington Kentucky.
  • He is the best personal injury mesothelioma lawyer in Fort Myers.
  • He did his bachelors from the University of Florida and did law from Levin College of Law.
  • He has been in office and operating litigations since 1986.
  • He started his career by working at Billings Morgan and Cunningham Law Firm in Orlando.
  • He then left that law firm and formed a law firm called Griffin Morgan and Linder but after three years this firm got broken.
  • From 1988 to 2005, Morgan partnered with Colling and Gilbert and worked with them for many years. Till that the law firm got much famous due to television advertising but later Morgan got in disagreement with partners and bought the whole firm by himself and renamed it “Morgan and Morgan” and became its president.
  • In 2018 it is reported that the firm got million calls on phone and gained 500 cases per day. It also gained 800 attorneys as its workers and kept expanding in up to 49 states of America.
  • Morgan Law Firm has fought many famous cases like Daytona Beach and Roller Coaster incident case.

Ultima Morgan:

  • Ultima Morgan is the wife of Bryan Morgan and a partner in Morgan and Morgan law firm.
  • She was born in Houston Texas.
  • She did her graduation from the University of Florida and got her Law Degree three years after graduation.
  • She is in practice in Florida and due to her competence was named as Av rated attorney by Martindale Hubbell.
  • Ultima does a lot of philanthropy works. She has opened a clinic which provides free medical facilities to people.
  • She is a part of The Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida and The Destiny Foundation of Central Florida that helps the deserving families in Florida.
  • Ultima along with being mother of four children is a competent lawyer.
  • She is a member of a Florida Bar.

Mike Morgan:

  • He is John Morgan’s son.
  • He got his education from the University of Florida in 2005 and also got his Law degree from University of Florida in 2008.
  • He is a personal injury, product liability and wrongful death attorney.
  • He is a member of Florida Bar and Orange County Bar Association.
  • He has by far stood out in terms of securing huge settlements for his clients in personal injury cases.
  • He has exceptional writing skills and is an aggressive attorney.
  • Mike works closely with his clients and devises strategies to enhance the chances of securing highest compensations.
  • Some of his most famous settlements include McClain Brian, Yegelwel Hoce and Haris R-Li sales case and secured total of 2,047,000 US dollars and secured 166,000 US dollars as a settlement in Barnes and Molinaro case.
  • He also supports various charities like Make-A-Wish foundation and Frozen Turkeys Organization to help the community.
fort myers mesothelioma lawyer

Jonathan C Abel:

  • Jonathan has 35 years of experience and is one of the most renowned trial attorney in Florida.
  • He is a partner in Conroy and Simberg.
  • He has a huge client base ranging from huge firm operations, insurance companies along with doctors, engineers mesothelioma victims etc.
  • He did his bachelors from the University of Florida in 1980 and got his Law Degree from the University of Florida School of Law Juris Doctorate in 1983.
  • He is a member of Professional Liability Underwriting Society, Dade County Bar Association, Broward County Bar Association, Florida Defense Lawyers Association, Defense Research Institute, American Society for Health Care Risk Management and International Association of Defence Council, Claims and Litigation Management.
  • He has been involved in many public speaking engagements and wrote many publications.
  • He is awarded as a “Top Lawyer” by the South Florida legal guide since 2004.
  • He was admitted to practice in US District Court of Middle District of Florida, US District Court of Southern District of Florida, US District Court of Northern District of Florida and Florida Bar.

Jeson C Axley:

  • Jason works in Conroy Simberg Office in Pensacola.
  • He mostly works on liability and property matters.
  • He himself practiced in a personal capacity after which he joined the Conroy Simberg Law firm.
  • Personal practice made him extremely experienced in the areas of personal injury, contracts, personal family cases, product liability etc.
  • He got his bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida.
  • He got his Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Florida Levin College of Law.
  • He was admitted to practice in Maryland in 2014 and in Florida in 2015.
  • He is the member of UWF Argonaut Club.
  • He is very professional and has till now helped many clients in personal capacity to recover huge amounts of compensations.
  • In Conroy and Simberg, he is one of the most preferred attorney to go to.

  • The work injury law firm has many years of expertise.
  • It has a vast legal insight and a very professional legal team.
  • It has worked for years for personal injury workers, compensations, accident litigations, workplace injuries and mesothelioma.
  • Till now, it has collectively recovered about 115,000,00 US dollars as workers compensations and settlements.
  • With all the workers combined, it has 75 years of litigation experience.
  • The attorneys of the work injury law firm are very compassionate and have a vast experience in insurance companies and corporations as well. So they know how to handle such cases very well.
  • The firm has good tactics and techniques to defend the client in court.
  • It does not charge any fee for consultation and takes the cases on contingency basis.

David Benn:

  • David was born and raised in Philadelphia.
  • He did his Bachelors of Arts in economics in 2002 from Boston University.
  • He did his Law from Rutgers University School of Law Camden.
  • While practicing law, he also served as an intern at James T Giles who was a chief judge in Pennsylvania.
  • Since 2010 Benn has been working for injured workers.
  • He is a member of Florida bar.
  • He can speak very good Spanish and has a huge number of Spanish clients.
  • He has represented many insurance companies and has fought many of such cases.
  • Mr Benn also represented injured workers in Florida and secured millions of dollars in compensation.
  • He offers free consultations and fights the cases on contingency basis.
  • He is readily available to his clients.
  • He was awarded with Florida Super Lawyers Rising Star Award in 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020.
  • He is also a part of Broward County Bar Association and Florida’s Workers Advocate.

Mathew Wax:

  • Matthew Wax is the native of Rhode Island Kingstown.
  • When he was just 6 years of age, his family moved to Florida where he attended primary school till grade 12 in Miami Dade County Public School.
  • He graduated in Psychology from Florida State University and also did his Law from the same university in 1999.
  • While studying law, he did an externship in Florida Supreme Court in economic crimes division.
  • He also served as a Clerk in the attorney general’s office.
  • He studied in Oxford in 2016, 2019, 2018 and Edmund Hall Wax.
  • After completing the law school, he joined Druckman and Breslow and started representing personal injury victims.
  • He also worked with several insurance companies and gained a lot of experience.
  • He has by far completed 100 hearings of personal injury cases.
  • He is a member of Florida Workers Advocate and workers compensation section of the Florida Bar.
  • He was admitted in the bar Association of Florida, United State District Court for Middle District of Florida, United States District Court for Northern District of Florida.

Jill Singer:

  • Jill was basically a native of California. She was born and raised there but at the time of attending her law school, she shifted to New York.
  • She did her law from Brooklyn Law School.
  • She has been fighting cases for personal injury and disabled workers from a century now.
  • Jill has also been struggling to setup a fund to hire the disabled people.
  • She has been doing this to bring and help some amount of satisfaction in the life of these physically abled people.
  • She got bar admission in Florida Bar 2017 and New York 2002.
  • She is a part of Palm Beach County Bar Association, Workers Compensation Committee member, Florida Workers Advocate, Robert D Mcaliley American Inns of Courts.

Conroy Simberg:

  • This law firm was founded by Tom Conroy and Bruce Simberg in 1979.
  • It is a famous law firm in America that fights every type of cases.
  • It is based in Florida and takes up the legal responsibilities of corporations, insurance companies, personal injury, accidents and wrongful death victims
  • The firm comprises of very hardworking attorneys along with a very efficient legal team and staff that works day and night to bring about the desired results for the clients.
  • The team helps the clients by adopting different methods as per required by the case.
  • It is among the most reliable and trusted law firm of the country.
  • The firm also responds to every call by the client and whenever the clients need them to provide legal assistance and helps world wide and across the nation.
  • The firm keeps the clients updated of all the developments and tries to solve the case as early as possible.
  • The exceptional services of Conroy and Simberg has earned it a very good reputation among the Americans and most of the people love the way they treat the clients.
  • It is a privately held law firm with 501 to 1000 employees working for it.
  • It has been working since 30 years and during this time the firm has gained reputation and a huge percentage of clients.


A mesothelioma lawyer in Fort myers is as competent as the lawyer of any other state and country of United States. These lawyers are quite an expert in personal injury, mesothelioma and asbestos cases. Throughout the years they have been handling cases in the beach area with utmost dedication and commitment. All of them have made a huge number of clients and are able to give justice to the people of Fort Myers by help them secure billions of dollars in the form of compensations.

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