The best Alabama Mesothelioma Lawyer to file mesothelioma Lawsuit in AL

If you are looking for a trusted lawyer for mesothelioma and asbestos exposure victim, then the good news is that Alabama has top notch mesothelioma lawyers and many famous law firms. Alabama is one of the states of US that has most qualified attorneys that are competent and compassionate in their field. Thus, most of the lawyers in Alabama are experts in personal injury lawsuits. The mesothelioma victims of Alabama have secured millions of dollars in compensation and settlements with the help of Alabama’s top attorneys.

Directory of Alabama Mesothelioma Lawyer & AL Asbestos Attorneys:

Below you can see our list of best Alabama attorneys with their years of experience and expertise in mesothelioma and asbestosis cases.

Alabama Mesothelioma Lawyer

Asbestos Attorneys in Montgomery AL:

David C Hilyer:

  • Although David C Hilyer got his BS (honors) degree in Business Administration from Faulkner university but later on he changed his mind and then got his Law degree in 2002 from Thomas Goode School of Law of Faulkner University.
  • In his years as a practice lawyer at Thomas Goode School of law, he achieved an award as the Best Oral advocate.
  • In 2002 he served in Alabama State Bar and US districts courts in Alabama.
  • Hilyer is highly professional in arbitration and he acts as an arbitrator and mediator for the clients outside of the courts.
  • He is a part and member of Alabama Defense Lawyers Association and Alabama Bar.
  • He is serving in the University Church Montgomery.
  • He is also practicing in the jurisdiction of civil and federal appeals.
  • He is practicing as business arbitrator, consumer and family arbitrator.
  • He is an expert is mesothelioma and asbestos arbitration and has been in office and practicing since 2002.
  • He offers free consultation for mesothelioma patients.
  • Just email Mr David Hilyer and you will be responded instantly.

Hal Walker Jr:

  • Hal Walker Jr. is a very experienced personal injury attorney.
  • Walker founded his personal law firm called Walker Law Firm in 1999.
  • Today he is working from Alabama for injury victims throughout the country.
  • He is among the most popular personal injury, wrongful death and family attorneys of Alabama.
  • Walker also loves helping out the law students in free time.
  • Walker has a huge experience of the courtroom and confidently represents his clients.
  • He has recovered a huge sum of money in the form of compensations.
  • He gives free consultation to his clients.
  • He is working in Alabama since 1999 and in the 11th circuit since 2003.
  • He got his education from Faulkner University School of Law 1997 to 1999.
  • He is the member of State Bar of Alabama and member of Top 100 Trial Lawyers.

Top Alabama Mesothelioma Lawyer in Birmingham:

Anna L. Hart:

  • She is a female attorney working in Birmingham.
  • She has an expertise in personal injury and wrongful death suit.
  • She has gained a commendable legal knowledge and her communication skills are very appealing in the courtroom.
  • She has 100% knowledge of legal analysis and works with such good legal ethics and professionalism that she has gained a huge name in legal neighborhood in Birmingham.
  • She is currently working for US Court of Appeals and also is working in United States Superior Court.
  • She also practices in Northern Florida and works in Northern district of Alabama.
  • Her expertise area is family cases, mesothelioma and asbestos cases, personal injury and criminal law.
  • She is readily available for all her clients and gives her personal attention to all her clients.
  • She interacts with her clients through zoom and video conferencing no matter wherever the client is located within the United States.
  • She also offers free consultations.
  • She got education from Cumberland School of Law of Samford university and did her law degree from Georgia university.
  • She is currently working for Hart law firm.

Anthony Ifediba:

  • He founded his own law firm named as Ifediba Law Group based in Birmingham which is one of the top Birmingham law firms.
  • Anthony aggressively represents his clients and is very famous among his clients who have been taking their cases to him one after another. He fiercely represents families, institutions, companies and firms.
  • He has 49 years of legal expertise in asbestos and mesothelioma cases.
  • He has recovered millions of dollars for his clients.
  • Ifediba’s sparking specialty is that he has outstanding negotiating skills and with the help of that he is successful in recovering huge settlements.
  • From 2004 in Alabama, Ifediba has gained huge numbers of clients which has immensely increased his experience of high level litigation.
  • He is just a call away.
  • He is a member of Bar of Columbia.
  • He got his education from Appalachian School of Law since 1999 to 2002.
  • His major article and publication is named as “Take Legal Help From Judicious Attorney” and “What People Need To Know About Wrongful Death Cases”.
  • He offers free consultations throughout Alabama and overall in US.

Best Huntsville Alabama Mesothelioma Lawyer:

George Moore:

  • George Moore was born in a farm in Northern Huntsville to become one of the expert attorneys of Huntsville Alabama.
  • He is one of the oldest and most experienced attorneys of Alabama and he has been practicing law since 1973.
  • He is also managing partner of Johnston Moore and Winston law firm since 2020.
  • He is a trial attorney at camp Williams and Superior Law Firm.
  • He did his BS in Accounting from University of Alabama and did his Law degree from University of Alabama in 1973.
  • He got distinction and Martindale Hubbell Lawyer Service Award in 2002.
  • He was awarded with lead counsel rated attorney in 2016.
  • He also got Paul Garber Accounting Award from University of Alabama.
  • George mostly fought cases for average people and he has a great compassion for the commoners and loves fighting for them against personal injury, wrongful death, asbestos exposure and mesothelioma cases.
  • George offers free consultation and is ready to help any common person who has been subjected to any injury or accident due to the negligence of any firm, institute or owner’s mistake.
  • He is a part of Alabama Association of Justice.
  • He has also been serving as Chairman Board of Huntsville Utilities since 2009.
  • His publications include “Justice in America” published in 2007 in Alabama association of justice journal.
  • He is also certified advocate of Trial advocacy.
  • He is definitely the best lawyer to go to in Huntsville.

Anthony Lee Cicio Jr:

  • Anthony is another very experienced lawyer of personal injury.
  • He is solely working in Alabama and is serving its people.
  • He graduated and got his Law degree fro Birmingham School ofLaw.
  • He is also a member of Alabama State Bar.
  • Anthony offers free consultations and has fought many mesothelioma cases till now.
  • Many mesothelioma cases have been taken up by Anthony till now and he fought them with sheer capability and tactics.
  • He has successfully recovered millions of rupees for the victims of personal injury and is continuing to serve Alabama.

Famous Asbestos Attorneys of Throneberry Law Group AL:

Michael Throneberry:

  • Famous asbestos attorney of Throneberry Law Group is its founder Mr Michael Throneberry.
  • Micheal Throneberry graduated from University of Purdue in Civil engineering and did Masters degree in Environmental engineering from Marshall University. He attended school of law from Washington University.
  • He had also been serving in United States Army as an Engineer.
  • He is best known for asbestos litigation and has by now recovered more than 3 billion rupees in asbestos and mesothelioma compensation and recovery.
  • Firstly he has been practicing at St. Louis Firm but later he turned to asbestos litigation majorly.
  • He changed his focus to asbestos cases because his father in law died of mesothelioma which inspired him to turn to this side.
  • He has been fighting for mesothelioma and asbestos exposure victims since 2003.
  • He has been working in Illinois, Missouri and US district bars.
  • He was awarded as a Million Dollar Advocate in 2003 and Multi Million Dollar Advocates 2003.
  • He got lifetime achievement member of America’s top 100 attorneys.
  • He offers free consultations and is just a call away.
  • He is extremely helpful, compassionate and loyal to his clients.
  • Mr throneberry is no doubt one of the best attorneys in the world.

Popular Mesothelioma lawyers of Alabaster in AL:

Gregory Andrew Cade:

  • Working since 1990, Gregory has gained immense expertise in the processing of toxic claims.
  • He is professional in asbestos exposure cases and has been in the field since 15 years.
  • He has already recovered millions of dollars for the people suffering from asbestosis or mesothelioma.
  • He served as investigator and chairman of Environmental Litigation Group in 1993.
  • He is also a part of National Registry of Professionals of Environment.
  • He obtained his degree in law from Miles University School of Law in 2001.
  • He has done great research on the effects of the pollutants on human life and therefore he worked with many toxicologists and environmentalists.
  • He gives all his time and energy for asbestos victims.
  • He provides free consultation and demands fee on contingency basis.
  • He was awarded as National Association of Distinguished Counsel in 2016.
  • He was awarded as the Top 100 Players from Alabama Association of Justice.
  • He has been serving in Alabaster, Alabama and Huntsville along with whole of the Alabama state.

Ernest Cory:

  • Practicing law from 38 years.
  • He not only works in America but also in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  • Ernest is a pro for fighting against the corporate structures and firms.
  • He is often hired as counsel for the high-profile cases on civil and federal basis.
  • He is Alabama’s local and started his career by helping locals on legal basis.
  • He worked hard for two decades to gain the trust of clients and made a huge repute in the legal business throughout Alabama.
  • He has by far served more than 1,50000 families and has extracted from them 3 billion in recoveries and compensations.
  • Ernest went to Vestavia Hills School, graduated from Alabama University and earned his law degree from Cumberland school of law of Samford university.
  • He also fights the cases as philanthropist and serve people free of cost.
  • He was awarded as Top of Fame Attorney and Hall of Fame honoree by Metro magazine.
  • He was awarded as Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers Organization.
  • He was awarded as Local Litigation Star by benchmark litigation.
  • He is a part of Alabama Justice Foundation and American Justice Association.
Best Mesothelioma Lawyers in Alabama

Deatsville Asbestos Lawyers in Alabama:

Christopher Belk Estes:

  • Christopher served as Insurance Lawyer in Insurance Companies for almost 16 years but now he is helping the injured.
  • He has excellent legal knowledge and has gained a huge expertise against insurance companies and has fought the cases of injured people throughout Alabama.
  • He has recovered millions of dollars in compensations.
  • He also served in Mobile county till 2018 and fought around 100 cases.
  • He also made his personal law firm called Estes Law Firm.
  • Estes has now gained extensive experience in personal injury and wrongful death suits.
  • He is serving in Alabama since 1998 and offers free consultation and fee on contingency basis.
  • He got his law degree from University of Alabama and was awarded as Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Lawyers by National Association of Trial Lawyers.
  • He also got George P. Taylor Outstanding Advocacy Award.

David Berry Noris:

  • David is Alabama’s personal injury attorney.
  • He is a highly qualified and up to the rank attorney.
  • He has extensive experience in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.
  • He did his bachelors in English literature from Brigham Young’s University and did his law from Samford university in 1987.
  • He is an official member of Alabama State Bar and American Association of Justice.
  • He offers free consultation and fights asbestos exposure and mesothelioma cases on contingency basis.
  • Till now he has fought and represented numerous mesothelioma and asbestos clients and factory workers and fought bravely in trial court against the huge firms and received millions of dollars from them.

Find top mesothelioma lawyers in Dothan Alabama:

Mitchell G Lattoff Jr:

  • After graduating from University of Alabama, Mitchell got his bachelor’s degree in American Studies and did his law degree in 1979 and started his law practice.
  • He has established his own law firm named as Lattof and Lattof Law Firm.
  • He is an active part of Mobile Bar Association, American Justice Organization along with local Alabama State and District Bar Association.
  • He is also serving as Chairman of Staff Relations at Methodist Church.
  • He offers free consultation and fights asbestos and mesothelioma cases on contingency basis.
  • He was awarded to be among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in 2018.
  • He was also given prominent rating by Martindale Hubbel in 1988.
  • He also published many publications at many platforms.

R Andrew Jones:

  • He is Alabama’s personal injury asbestos attorney.
  • He worked as Summer Law Clerk at Cory Watson Attorneys.
  • After three years he was leading lawyer against asbestos practice and recovered for his client a huge compensation of 20 million dollars.
  • He is a part of Alabama Association of Justice and also gives lectures to college students and mentors them.
  • He also has been a writer for American Justice Association Newsletter.
  • He grew up in the state of Alabaster but went to Christin School in Bluff Park.
  • He got his law degree from University of Alabama Cumberland school of law.
  • He offers free consultations and fights for asbestos victims on contingency basis.
  • He is among the top 100 Americas high stakes litigators.
  • He was among the top 40 National Trial Lawyers.
  • American Bankruptcy Institute awarded him with medal of excellence.
  • Cumberland school of law awarded him with Scholar of Merit Award. 
  • Due to his brilliant and excellent career, he has always been among high achieving lawyers and one of the best to go to in Dothan.

Best Alabama Mesothelioma Lawyer from The Ledger Law Firm:

Emery Ledger:

  • Attorney Mr. Emery Ledger is the pioneer of Ledger Law Firm.
  • He has been in office since 20 years and his law firm through his commendable efforts has made a huge name and fame today.
  • Mr. Ledger has successfully represented many clients throughout Alabama and has won most of the personal Injury and lawful death cases.
  • He is an expert in asbestos and mesothelioma litigations.
  • He started practicing law in 1998.
  • Mr. Ledger’s priority is putting his clients first and gives them personal attention. That is why he has gained a huge name in asbestos litigation industry.
  • Ledger Law Firm has gained the national reputation and has been considered as National Law Firm.
  • The firm has gained 10.0 ratings.
  • Emery is also a member of Mass Tort Trial Lawyers Association.
  • Emery Ledger and his law firm has always provided best legal representation to his clients.
  • Emery has been in office since 1998.
  • He did his law from Pepperdine University school of law and bachelors from Arizona State university.
  • He offers free consultation and is considered the best asbestos litigation attorney in America.

Alabama RMQ Law Firm Mesothelioma Attorneys:

Reaud Morgan and Quinn law firm is the law firm of Alabama representing the personal injury victims across the state.

Mr. Glen W Morgan:

  • Mr Glen W Morgan is one of the founders of the Reaud Morgan and Quinn Law Firm.
  • He has been working tirelessly for the firm and individually has been extremely competent lawyer.
  • He has been awarded as the Best Lawyer since 2006 till now.
  • He has also been among the Personal Injury Litigation Attorneys of the Year and Best Lawyer of the Year 2021.
  • Mr. Morgan is highly experienced in fighting the workplace negligence and the wrongful death lawsuits.
  • He has also fought many cases against the insurance companies.
  • Mr. Morgan is best in trial court experience and is very argumentative. He has strong sense of tactical legalities and small details that help him secure huge amount of settlements and compensations.
  • He has secured the verdicts of up to 100 million dollars and his continuous success has gained innumerable clients throughout the country.

Lawrence Holcomb:

  • Lawrence who spent his childhood on a farm in Mississippi and then moved to Memphis, is a popular attorney of Alabama State.
  • He graduated from Alabama university.
  • He worked as an Asbestos Abatement Supervisor.
  • He was listed among Top 40 lawyers in Illinois.
  • He was also ranked among the Top Ten Mesothelioma Attorneys.
  • He has excelled in asbestos related litigation and has achieved milestones in recovering the compensation for asbestos victims of up to 50,000,000 US dollars.
  • He is associated with the Bar Associations of Alabama, Illinois, Missouri and Luisiana.
  • Thus, Lawrence Holcomb is considered the top asbestos attorney in Alabama and has earned a great repute across the country.


While looking for an expert mesothelioma lawyer in Alabama either for personal injury or wrongful death case associated to asbestos and mesothelioma, always select a lawyer with years of experience and the one who is extremely competent in his field. Alabama’s mesothelioma lawyers have gained their education form prestigious institutions and are working tirelessly around the state of Alabama to help people get their rights against huge asbestos firms and insurance companies.

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